My Story

Few are lucky enough to say that they have found a true passion. A passion so strong they would exhaust all energy in pursuit. My name is Scott and I found my passion: Photography.

When I was a child I dove into the world portraits, whether I was drawing, painting or photographing. From the spirit of the moment, to the emotion and depth that ones face can convey; I strive to tell stories through my photography. I believe it’s the candid moments that are the most genuine and memorable, and I approach weddings as such. Telling your story through organic, yet elegant photographs.

Now with my wife Rachel at my side, we seek out to capture special moments for others. We are based in Charlotte North Carolina but cover North and South Carolina (and neighboring states for the occasion).


Love Notes


“I’m thoroughly impressed with Scott Uhl Photography. I hired Scott and Rachel to photograph my wedding. They have the eye to capture every perfect moment. I’m blown away by their artistic and creative abilities. When I saw my wedding photos I was speechless at how truly amazing they were. Rachel and Scott make the absolute perfect team for any event. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m very fortunate to of crossed their paths and create new friendships in the process.”

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